Author Topic: Cambam V1.0 RC-1 & Alph 16 Unable to print drawing (solved in V1 RC2)  (Read 3911 times)

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   Not sure if this qualifies as a bug or not. I had a fairly simple drawing which would not print, ( blank in preview but shows in the print menu ) took me a day to figure it out. There was a polyline fragment too small to see ( just see the yellow "x"  when clicking on the polyline in the layers drop down. ( poly line 38 in the attached file )
Deleting the polyline fragment allows printing and preview to work.

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Re: Cambam V1.0 RC-1 & Alph 16 Unable to print drawing - But toolpath prints
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You are correct, the polyline (38) has only one point as can be seen in it's points collection, thus making it an invalid polyline.
This in turn seems to have upset the Print operation.
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