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Title: Donate button or merchandise?
Post by: jim_s on May 19, 2021, 17:04:16 pm
I've been buried in life for the past year or so, and am just finding my way back to some free time to get back into things I really enjoy. CNC is one of them, and CamBam is my go-to tool for turning ideas into toolpaths.  I was pleasantly surprised to find version 1.0 (which kinda cracks me up, for as long as I've been using CamBam, it's just now hitting 1.0! :-), and like the new features, improvements, etc, that I've thus far found.

I freaking LOVE this tool.  Yes, I paid my $149 some years back, and this tool has been more reliable even than my ancient Toyota.  But, in the interest of saying Thanks, and in the interest of hoping to play some small part in keeping this wonderful tool alive and well in the future, I'd be interested in making a small monetary contribution. (I'm a hobbyist, and not rich, so another whole license is beyond my hobby budget...)  Is there a way to shoot a few $$ to CamBam?  Alternatively (this would probably be a total PITA, but...), a CamBam t-shirt would be absolutely awesome, and I know money can be made off of those. (I'd definitely pay an obscene markup on a CamBam t-shirt!!)

Anyhow, Thank You for the amazing tool, for continuing development on the amazing tool, and for the amazing license that lets me pay once and use it forever. That having been said, I'd contribute more, if I had a means of doing so!
Title: Re: Donate button or merchandise?
Post by: EddyCurrent on May 19, 2021, 19:21:56 pm
If you've just found version 1.0 then this plugins page might also be new to you;

Also read this, Andy's thoughts on extra payments;
That post was dated Sep. 2019 so his thoughts may have changed since then.

For t-shirts, I'm sure you could achieve something using iron on transfer paper.