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As far as i have read cambam can create toolpaths for simple profiling on a lathe
but how? i could not find how to specify the tool geometry being used
i will be using a 2mm wide square parting tool
attached the profile need to be cut
i know that the back of the ball cant be made exactly as desired, it will be fine with a straight line of 2mm after the ball

Hello guys, 3 questions here

1. I really liked how cambam work as its default settings in machining but I dont understand why it chooses conventional milling as a default

2. Why resizing objects result in changing its position? how to prevent that?

3. How to center or align objects to each other without using the x,y origin?!


Hello guys

I am getting the attached error in the screenshot once I click on the drag knife plugin
I am using the CamBam plus [0.9] Rel 8L version

fresh install then just added the plugin file

any ideas?

Hello guys

How to use "set start point" with vectors not machining?
when using it the point is snapped to the grid and not to the vector and when disabling snap to grid it is free and does not snap to the vector
also how to see the current start point of a vector?
is there a keyboard short cut to this function??!


CamBam help (General usage) / Ball Bearing Calculator for CB
« on: January 09, 2015, 04:53:50 am »
Hello guys

I have gone through a side project for something I needed to create but thought to share it as it might be so handy for everyone

A 24KB flash page that I have created that can easily manage any ball bearing you might want to create
the page opens only on windows (flash) , perhaps someone might be interested to make it a script for CB,

You just input your ball diameter, number of balls and the needed clearance/preload between every ball, and it simply tells you what is the radius of the circle that the center of all balls should be on.

I find it is extremely handy

The main equation is:

This is action script 2, Math.sin(Math.PI/180*VALUE) same as sin(VALUE), just not to be confused

please find the attached screenshot in case you could not open the page
attached also a ball bearing that I have created based on its calculations. and as you can see it turned out perfectly!

Page Link:

now you can easily control everything you want to do about a ball bearing
On the right time I will show why I needed to create a custom size ball bearing


CamBam help (General usage) / Newbie sloped spiral toolpath question
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:56:31 am »
Hello guys, I just started using cambam mainly because its ability to generate spiral toolpaths but here is a Q.
Attached is a screenshot of a sloped spiral toolpath

I am just wondering if there is a way where cambam can generate a welded sloped spiral toopath
instead of this layered stepped spiral ones

No slope, no problem
but if there is a slope and cambam doing this, what is the point of the toolpath being spiral anyways?
thinking about it, it just combined 2 normal circular paths together!

hope to get responses
thanks in advance

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