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Version of CamBam plus [1.0] Rel 14 Linux. Polyline or polyrectangle, pointlist Points (collection) editing. When attempting to cancel an edit of a point in the collection editing screen, received an "Error setting value" Warning message. Seems reasonable since I did leave a blank field, however, clicking 'OK' does not put you back in the edit screen and you are stuck there. Tried several different escape methods, but nothing works. Can't even kill the app. The Point Edit screen and the warning message appear to be separate processes that don't shutdown when you kill the main app. I did finally get the edit screen to update the errant field by continually entering a 0 on the keyboard and banging on the OK button in the warning screen. Not a game stopper, just an annoyance.

I check this on the windows version of 9.8n and it works correctly.

Worth noting that I am have good results with 1.0 linux drawing 2d objects and generating g-code for linuxcnc. No problems so far.

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