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CamBam help (General usage) / Re: Cutting an angle in the Z axis - How to?
« on: February 16, 2021, 19:44:21 pm »
CamBam's "2.5D" capabilities will serve for most jobs.  Explore all of them, before you commit to buying and learning a new, complex 3D package!


Lloyd, I've tried looking into this in the past and it seems that one still needs some software app for creating 3DS and/or STL files that describe the object.  What examples can you provide that fall under "for most jobs"?

Many thanks,

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: Cutting an angle in the Z axis - How to?
« on: February 16, 2021, 18:27:00 pm »
Sorry, but I wasn't at my computer when I suggested the Slope method.  The Profile parameter is termed "Side Profile", the Method is "Slope".

See screenshot:

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: Cutting an angle in the Z axis - How to?
« on: February 16, 2021, 16:22:14 pm »
profile mops have a slope parameter yoh should explore.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: Cutting an angle in the Z axis - How to?
« on: February 16, 2021, 15:49:14 pm »
I've been making  some good chips and plenty of scrap in what I would call 2D routering.   

I now have a box and the ends need an opening machining at the ends but the sides of the opening need to be angled, about 30 degrees from vertical.

I could build a little jig to hold each box on end and 2d mill the simple (inverted trapazoid ) shape out of each end.
But this would need the box mounting three times, once for each end and top. 

Are there any good proaches to this, outside of learning a £££ 3D CAD package! :)

I have the same need and have been researching that very question.  So far it seems we need to be able to import the desired 3D shape, described in an STL or 3DS file, into CamBam then create the MOP for the shape.  I find FreeCAD and Fustion 360 might be an open-source possibility but haven't asked if anyone on this forum has used either successfully for this purpose.


Hold-downs are 4 counter-sunk 2" wood screws offset about 3/4" from the corners.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 16, 2021, 00:50:17 am »
From what I read on  it states:

Backward compatibility
The .NET Framework 4.5 and later versions are backward-compatible with apps that were built with earlier versions of the .NET Framework. In other words, apps and components built with previous versions will work without modification on the .NET Framework 4.5 and later versions. However, by default, apps run on the version of the common language runtime for which they were developed, so you may have to provide a configuration file to enable your app to run on the .NET Framework 4.5 or later versions. For more information, see the Version compatibility for apps section earlier in this article.

Which may explain why my 0.9.8P seems to run just fine on the later versions on both Win7 32-bit and Win10 64-bit.

Thanks for sharing, Bubba.  Very nice, detailed photos.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 15, 2021, 22:08:32 pm »
Yep, I agree, strange.

I just checked my Win7 Pro PC that I use for Mac3 and my CNC machine.  It has the 0.9.8P version of CamBam but it usings .NET 4.7.1 32-bit, while my Win 10 Pro 64-bit uses .NET 2.1.4 Core 64-bit, .NET 4.5.1 Multi-Targeting Pack and .NET 4.6.1 Targeting Pack.

I wonder if that's what is creating the odd Win 10 behavior?  .NET 4.8 is now the latest version for Win10 down through Win7.

Ok, another great secret of the trade from David on how to create a hinged door flap that has position brakes.  ;D

This uneven surface method is worth noting.  Sometimes the best discoveries are complete accidents.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: My 2010 Dust Collection Video
« on: February 15, 2021, 21:18:50 pm »
Oh my, maybe that's why yours clogs.

Here's a YouTube video comparing the Thien Baffle vs. Dust Deputy cyclone separator efficiencies.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: My 2010 Dust Collection Video
« on: February 15, 2021, 20:52:48 pm »
That's great, we are both Deputized.

No, no safety valve on mine and it has never clogged.  The sides of the Lowe's 5 gallon plastic collection bucket have sucked in on a side under heavy loads occasionally but only for a short time.  Now we know the likely reason for mine not clogging...because my feed rates are so SLOW and DOCs so SHALLOW!

Got the zip file, thanks.

Ok, good to know that using a short flute length on a long enough shank for full cut depth hasn't been an issue for you with wood.  I'll give it a whirl on my next drill and pocket MOPs in 3/4" MDO plywood.

That's neat how your other dust aspirator has sides that can flip up out of the way when needed.

CamBam help (General usage) / My 2010 Dust Collection Video
« on: February 15, 2021, 20:01:01 pm »
Recently DH42 shared his photos of his dust collection system after I had alluded to the one I use that is based on Oneida's Dust Deputy.
I know I've posted my YouTube video of this on other CNC forums but don't remember if I did so here.

I still use it today and the only thing that has changed is to a far more quite, but strong, vacuum source which is an old Nilfisk GS90 home vacuum cleaner.  In the video you can just see a corner of my first DIY CNC machine that used a Dremel Tool as the router.

Here is the video:

I saw your dust collector setup and your newest dust collector setup.  The thing I like the most about them was they were an adjustable fixed height above the workpiece and did not move up and down with the z-axis.  Adapting this method to my CNC table will take some thinking but it looks like the benefits are worth it, in particular because the top of the dust collector becomes the down blast deflector.  This greatly minimized the vertical thickness the dust collector needs to be.

I was unable to download the fill due to the sites permission limits for non-members but now worries, I'm gravitating towards a circular dust shoe design.

ON BIT FLUTE LENGTH INSIGHT:  I have lots of various shorter flute lengths for 1/8" dia. collets.  I had always heard that to completely cut down through a piece of material (wood in this case), if the wood was 3/4" thick then the flute length has to be at least 3/4" long, but DOC still must remain less than or not greater than bit diameter,  BECAUSE WHEN USING A SHORTER FLUTE LENGTH, AS THE SHANK OF THE BIT DECENDS BELOW THE TOP OF THE MATERIAL IT WILL CREATE FRICTIONAL CONTACT WITH THE WALLS OF THE CUT AND HEAT UP THE BIT, CAUSING STRESS ON IT.         So is that an "old wives tale"? and something I need not be concerned with when cutting hard, soft of plywood, ABS, PVC, Acrylics, Teflon, aluminum, etc. ?

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 15, 2021, 19:16:44 pm »
And in the cambam icon ; properties/compatibility ; run as admin is checked ?

the form size is saved in the config file as:

Code: [Select]
    <state name="CamBamMain" x="0" y="0" w="1293" h="826" state="0">
state = 0 for not full screen, 2 for full screen

if cambam is closed when in minimised state (only the icon in the taskbar), this state is not saved and cambam is opened with its last form size


The shortcut icon properties tab, Compatibility, "Run as Administrator" was not checked.  Checking the box made no difference in behavior.

I saw the "CamBam Main" parameter in the config file and made edits to reduce the h and w parameters but that made no difference.  At the time I did not know the meaning of the state parameter.  In my normal config file it was set to "2".  Just now I changed it to "0" and VIOLA, that fixed it. 

Having "Run as Administrator" checked was not necessary.

Many thanks David for explaining the "state" parameter, as that was the key to the problem.  For whatever reason, once reducing the CB windows size smaller that maximized, it was not saving, (changing) the state parameter with "0" in either 0.9.8P or 1.0.  The default of "state" in a new config file is "0" as anFYI.

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