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CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 15, 2021, 02:20:29 am »
Both CB version app permissions seem to be like other 32 bit app permissions I have.  I thought my V1.0 was 64 bit but it is the 32 bit version.

My user permissions in every version of Windows I've every had were always Administrator level permissions. I've checked the group and user permissions I'm associated with and they are all correct.

I've also checked the config file permission levels and they too appear correct.  So at the computer level and the Administrator group level I have full permissions with the CB app and config files.

Both CB version new and previous config files are updating their file time stamps now but neither save window size and position changes.

V1.0 now does something minutely different after it opens full screen.  If I click and hold down on the Title Bar of the app and move it in any direction even the smallest amount it changes to a smaller size window, the size I normally like to use.

0.9.8P will not do this.  I have to move the full screen window slightly down so I can see the resizing edge handles to change heigth and width, but it still won't save changes.

Certainly, having 2+ inches of a 1/8" mill bit extending from the router collet, 1" of which is the cutting depth of the flutes contributes to vibrations under heavy loaded cuts.  I am sure that is what broke my bit when trying Bubba's suggestions.

It is something I've had to live with for cutting 3/4" material (MDO, MDF and regular plywood) primarily because my Porter Cable 890 router exhausts it motor cooling fan through the collet end of the router.  This downward blast of air has made it hard to vacuum up cutting chips since the blast of air tends to "blast" the chips away from the vacuum hose end leaving tons of chips to be further blown off the cutting table.  My improvised dust collector's side attachment for the vacuum hose does indeed prevent me from minimizing the vertical space between the collect end and the end of the bit.

I do like David's version of his duct collector with the hose attachment in line with the long axis of motion.  Also, I've no experience in doing double-sided 2.5D milling and would need to understand all elements of doing it (additional software, etc.) and determine if I can afford it.

Question:  David, I don't think spindles have vertical, downward forced air cooling, do they?

Question:  David, don't you use a mill bit that is slightly longer than the depth of cut you need to make?

I find it hard to find 1/8" diameter, 2 flute 1" long cutting depth end mills that are less than 3" total length.  !/4 diameter end mills are easier to find, but wastes a lot of wood IMHO.

I purchased a boss-hog shop vac that I use in the garage but it is too noisy to use with my CNC machine, so I use a vac similar in size to David's but its a very strong NilFisk GS 90 house vac that coupled into a Dust Deputy (by Oneida).

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 15, 2021, 00:23:28 am »
David, it appears to be a permissions issue.  The config file's time stamp is not being updated on apps close.  Strange that only the two CB app versions have changed permissions, though.

Still investigating...more soon.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 15, 2021, 00:02:33 am »

Not sure, but maybe this can be a problem in the CamBam config file ?

Have a look here to reset config file

first save a copy of your config file (CamBam1.0.config) in another location, because it contain also data like grid settings, colors, etc ... so if resetting the config file don't solve the problem you can reuse the older one to retrieve your previous settings.


Thanks David.

I first reset the 0.9.8P config file by renaming it then opening 0.9.8P to create a new one.  It seemed to work, somewhat.  Now, 0.9.8P opens in a smaller, non-maximized window but resizing the window, making sure Save Settings on Exit is checked and even clicking Save Settings after resizing the window to a slight larger size and different screen position the new position and size is not saved.  Upon reopening 0.9.8P it opens to it's default, smaller window size after any resizing and exiting of the app.

I'll see if 1.0 behaves the same and update this posting.  Update: 1.0 behaves the exact same way.

I finished milling the upper computer desk support pieces using slightly more aggressive parameters than my first lower leg pieces (but far below the parameters I used on the test cuts where I broke my 1/8", 2 flute, upcut end mill.

I shot video of most of this 3/4" MDO plywood milling and edited it together into a 7 minute video.  Here is my YouTube link to it:

No doubt I probably could have been a bit more aggressive, but this worked fine for me.

The remaining 4 3/4" plywood pieces for the desk are all rectangular and will be cut on a table saw.  The two upright rectangular pieces (vertical supports) will have drill and pocket MOPs needed that will be done on the CNC.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 13, 2021, 22:27:01 pm »
CamBam(s)s are my only apps that does this, so I don't what to think.  The both CB shortcut properties are identical to those apps that behave correctly when opened, meaning they open to the window size previously set in the app.

Here is a full screen screenshot.  Note that the window size icon in the upper right, circled in purple, indicates the window is not Maximized.
Resizing the window and exiting does not save the new size parameters either.

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 13, 2021, 20:08:09 pm »
Just check mark the "Save settings on exit" entry under Tools Menue, which does the trick...

At least here on my CB1.0

Thanks Tau, I should have added that since V0.9.8 and V1.0 I have always had "Save Settings On Exit" checked and they still are, but BOTH versions open full screen in non-Maximized mode.

It is strange behavior I cannot find reason for.

CamBam help (General usage) / CB V1.0 always opens full screen
« on: February 13, 2021, 01:57:22 am »
I can't figure this one out and it has bugged me for a while now.

If I have CB's app window size slightly less than it's Maximized size and Save my CB project file, whenever I open CB with any CB file it always opens a full screen size window.  In the upper right-hand corner of the screen (the Maximized icon area) shows the less than Maximized icon with the description "Restore Down...", but the last part of the description is off screen.

Is this a feature?  How can I get CB to open to the screen size I last used it and saved it's project file?

CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project
« on: February 10, 2021, 02:53:18 am »
I have no experience with lasers, except for doing projections in a planetarium...

Lloyd, my laser experience is also started in planetariums and exploded into a 12 year laser entertainment business from '77-'89.

Having the nummove plugin is a wonderful thing to have in that it lets one specify precise X,Y,Z coordinates for the selected object(s) move's target location.   Your choice in the right-click Transform pop-up menu will include "Move" and "Numeric Move" one the plugin is installed.

I do this all the time.  The method I use is to:

1.  Make sure the off-center circle has a defined center point (it makes the move selection so much easier).
2.  Draw a selection rectangle around ALL the polyline and other objects of interest, then right-click on the selection.
3.  From the pop-up menu choose "Transform/Move" then click on the circle's center point so all objects move based on this point.
4.  Drag and drop the selection and the circle's center point to where you want it moved.
5.  Once moved, click anywhere on the drawing outside the selection to de-select everything.

Hope it works for you, let us know.

I'm retracting my previous post.
I just checked my current CB project file and can confirm that specifying a tool number from my custom tool library does indeed populate the Tool Diameter parameter.

I've posted on Ebay the selling of 9 straight bits I have no use for.  8 of them have never been used, one used just barely.  I bought them quite a few years ago.  If there is any interest, here is my Ebay posting:

This listing should have been a "Make an Offer" type of listing but for reasons I cannot determine it turned out to be an auction.  Sorry.


Sorry to see that. Yes because each machine is different it's behavior needs to taken into account. Slow the feed rate a bit and try again, on some scrap first.
Good Luck.

That was a scrap I did the test on.  ;D  Unfortunately, that was my last 1" long, 2-flute, 1/8" diameter mill bit.  I have to order more.

I looked at the outside profile edge cut with an illuminating magnifying glass and the edge is consistent for the full DOC.  What I was seeing was a thinner plywood layer showing some tear-out.

I meant to mention in my last post that not only was the broken bit hot to the touch, but the collet was as well, indicating the work load for the 2-1/4" h.p. motor was too high.  Lessons learned

I did a profile MOP test cut based on Bubba's parameters and it did the first outside profile roughing cut (.5" DOC @ 45ipm and 20000 rpm) and although it was loud it worked okay, so I continued with the outside profile finishing cut using .375" DOC @ 60 ipm and 22000 rpm.  It too seemed to work okay at first glance but had minor issues. The 2nd depth cut was slightly wider (.03125") around the perimeter of the cut than the 1st DOC.

I then did an inside profile roughing cut (.5" DOC @ 45ipm and 20000 rpm) and the mill path went in the opposite directions than the first one.  About 3/4 around the profile shape the bit broke where the flutes meet the shank of the bit, so my machine and bits are not robust enough for these aggressive parameters.

Photo attached:

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