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A way is to try to reset to factory setting, but you'll lost some settings like the colors ...

Close CB, copy your config file in a safe place, then delete the one in the ProgramData folder.

Run CB again and see if now it retain the settings. If it is OK, you'll have to redo your settings in CB ; if not working, replace the config file by the one you've saved to return to your previous setting (always with CB closed)

Hi David.
As you suggested I did opened and closed CB, then opened Program Data, CB and see the config file with correct date and time, so that part is working fine.. What else should I check. I'm running out of ideas.. >:(
I added the plugin this morning. It looks like a great add on. I am having one problem though. The plugin doesn't seem to be finding my tool library. When I try to select a tool the drop down is empty. Did I do something wrong?
CamBam help (General usage) / Re: GCODE to Mach3
« Last post by dh42 on Yesterday at 17:53:14 »

I see (in your GCode) that you're a mm user and that the arc mode is correctly set in the Gcode (G91.1) ; so the only things that remain to set is two values in your mach3 post processor.

Go to the system tab and edit your Mach3 post processor to set proper values for mm (by default, it's values for inches)

Maximum Arc Radius: 1000

Minimum Arc Length: 0.01

this should solve your problem.


This setting is saved in the CamBam1.0.config file, located in C:\ProgramData\CamBam plus 1.0 (an hidden folder)

Each time Cambam is closed, this file is updated. Open/Close CamBam then check the date/hour of the config file to see if it is updated. (the date must be the date where you closed Cambam).

If it is not updated, it can be a permission problem .... not sure it can solve the problem, but try to unhidden the ProgramData folder in Windows ...

Hi All.
After upgrading PC from Win 10 to Win 11, I find an annoying issue how CB starts. It loads fine except for one thing.. The left hand panel position, size are not retained when the previous session in CB is closed. It must be manually adjusted each time CB is started.Is any way to fix this? I have looked in the 'Options' but haven't been able to find anything. Must add, in the past CB always started normal retained its settings as it should.

 Much appreciate all the suggestions..
Scripts and Plugin Help / Re: Get Directory of opened file
« Last post by billo on Yesterday at 16:03:40 »
After hours of object browsing and trying dozens of alternatives, here is the best I could find.

It requires one more user interaction than I would like, but it's acceptable.

Code: [Select]
from CamBam.CAM import *
from CamBam.UI import CamBamUI

CamBamUI.MainUI.OpenFile() # async
doc.Save() # Does two things: 1) gets the folder of the .dxf 2) awaits async OpenFile

print doc.Filename, doc.Name # after Save this has the correct full Path but the old Name
view = CamBamUI.MainUI.ActiveView
newdoc = view.CADFile
print newdoc.Filename, newdoc.Name # the newdoc has Path of None, but the correct Name
Members Projects / Re: Vintage Automotive Induction System
« Last post by Tool-n-Around on Yesterday at 15:01:00 »
Just finished watching the machining and final assembly video, the whole project was a pretty epic effort, after potentially losing the carb’s I think I would be crossing the platers
off of my Christmas list. Dave

Thanks Dave, the (almost) lost parts incident was several years ago but was the wake up call and the final straw for doing the plating myself. I must say, it is nice to have everything under my roof and be able to go from ingot to finished product without outside dependency. It helps compress the schedule quite a bit. Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. There are a couple features I would never put on a system for myself, but it's what he wanted. Since they are both in my wheel house, when I heard Inline Carbs and Pantera I may have agreed to take on the project a little early but I did the deed best I could.

Although it (just barely) managed to complete the aluminum machining, this build did get me motivated to complete the upgrades on my little CNC Router. I'm going to revive that thread I started here as I have all the parts now and am just vasilating a little bit about the style of Z-axis.

My own method would be to use 3D CAD to produce the required line(s) then use the Engrave cut in CamBam with a V Tool.

As a matter of possible future interest, is this plugin any use;
CamBam help (General usage) / GCODE to Mach3
« Last post by pas3112 on Yesterday at 11:14:45 »

New user, having problems when try to run gcode from cambam in mach3.
I have made a simple polyline rectangle shape in CamBam  but when I run it in the tool path it draws circles?
screen shoy is showing green circles.

I have searched some forums have ensured CamBam is set for Mach3 and Mach3 IJ is set to INC

Any help would be great, thanks

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