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Bug Reports / Re: CamBam 1.0 tells me to die
« Last post by Dragonfly on Today at 13:43:00 »
Looks like a click bait spam to me. Especially with that user name.
Bug Reports / Re: CamBam 1.0 tells me to die
« Last post by dh42 on Today at 13:37:21 »

And why you are trying to open a website with Cambam  ??? ???

Bug Reports / CamBam 1.0 tells me to die
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 11:33:45 »
File > Open, and type this:

Can you change the error message to something more user friendly? I dont want to die!
Members Projects / Re: flat stack end table
« Last post by EddyCurrent on Today at 09:56:06 »
End tables are one of my favourite items of furniture, sadly   :D

The illusion of the through legs works well and it's also in harmony with the other piece of furniture.
CamBam help (General usage) / Re: What MOPs to use?
« Last post by EddyCurrent on Today at 09:49:35 »
Yes, that's what I did to get the engrave offset.

The new idea looks okay but I would get tighter into the corner by using small daimeter tools.
Scripts and Plugins / End Profile Script for 4th axis machining
« Last post by GeoffreyGRoy on Today at 08:12:29 »
This script is intended to provided a capability of machining long items on a 4th Axis with an arbitrary shaped cross section without having a full 3D model;  for example, an elliptical-shaped post.  The user must first draw the required cross-sectional shape, then use the script to un-wrap it to the X,Y plane.  From there a 3D surface can be generated (using standard CamBam functions and/or other plugins), a MOP created, and then the resulting G-Code wrapped around the X or Y axis to produce a G-Code file suitable for machining with a 4th axis (A or B).

I have provided a Python script for the moment as it is really quite simple and might be easily modified to suit individual needs.  I can provide a plugin (that offers a little better security and robustness) but is perhaps less accessible - if there is interest.

I am attaching the script and User Guide in the ZIP file, and a couple of example results produced.

Comments and feedback is most welcome.

Members Machines / Re: quick change for hobbiest?
« Last post by Bob La Londe on Today at 03:53:51 »
P.S. If you have a lathe you can make your own, but TTS from Tormach are very reasonably priced.  ( and hardened )
Members Machines / Re: quick change for hobbiest?
« Last post by Bob La Londe on Today at 03:51:04 »
R8 with a draw bar?  Look at using a 3/4 collet with TTS(tm) style tool holders.  The collet nose is ground flat and tool holder collar registers consistently against the spindle face. 
Members Machines / Re: quick change for hobbiest?
« Last post by lloydsp on Today at 00:36:46 »
You do lose some Z travel when using most adapters.  You might consider a "z-setter", which determines where Z=0 is for any given bit in any given holder.  Most CNC softs include the ability to auto-Zero a cutter.  About the only thing they don't work well for is Forstner drills with pilots.  Even then, you can make a tiny hole in the Z-setter's 'shoe' to accommodate the spur, so long as its diameter is smaller than the smallest other cutter you use.

My Forstners also have 'flush-cutters', so they're not managed by a tiny hole.  It takes a hole almost the diameter of the drill.  So I made two 'adapter' shoes for my Z-setter, so most cutters can use the flat adapter, and Forstners can use the one with a cavity in the middle.  I use almost entirely one diameter of Forstner drill for the contract work I do.  If you have multiple sizes to deal with, it might involve having more than one 'holed' adapter for the Z-setter;  but that's a minor thing.

Members Machines / quick change for hobbiest?
« Last post by kjlpdx on Today at 00:01:09 »
i am not doing production work but do tire of changing bits, re-zeroing, and all.  i have R8 collets on a water cooled 5kw(?) motor.  what options are available for simple manual bit changing?  are there adapters, or did i buy the wrong style of motor?  i work almost exclusively with plywood.  do i lose available Z axis travel with adapters?  my CRP4848 has 6" currently.
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