Author Topic: How to change post-processor so i can use it with Stepcraft machine  (Read 188 times)

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I am using Stepcraft machine with UCCNC software. I am using your software to generate G-code for a laser. All of the post processors are using M3 M5 and S commands to make the laser start or stop. The problem is that I am not able to replace ex."M10 S128" with "M10 Q128". When I change in the postprocessor in the start condition "M10 {$q}" - noting is generated after M10.
Now in order to do it so the machine can operate I have to go and replace all "S" commands with "Q" (I am using notepad++).

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Re: How to change post-processor so i can use it with Stepcraft machine
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2023, 14:27:33 pm »

There is a post pro for Mach3 that use M10 and M11 for laser (in the start cut and end cut properties), but the spindle speed command is always S and not Q

I do not know UCCNC laser features, why it need a Q instead a S ? ...

If you really need the Q, then the way is to write a GCode with Sxxx commands then use a post treatment to replace the S by a Q. It is the same you did with notepad, but it can be done automatically by an external application (*) that will be launched by the PP after the GCode as been written

(*) You must write it yourself in C, VB, or any language that allow the creation of an .exe file

Example of a post treatment done with VB .net that replace Y by C, you can easily modify it to replace S by Q, there si only one line to change:

                            line_out = Replace(line, "Y", "C")

must be replaced by

                            line_out = Replace(line, "S", "Q")

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