Author Topic: Used the flat spiral plugin for the first time  (Read 2422 times)

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Used the flat spiral plugin for the first time
« on: September 17, 2012, 23:14:14 pm »
I needed to mill a 2.375" hole in some 3/8" thick HRS plate.  The spiral path allowed me to use a high-speed machining path, in that the cut was full depth with a small radial engagement (9%).

I would have preferred to be able to specify the radius of the spiral rather than doing a drag/click, but it works out well anyway.  What can be done is to draw a circle smaller than the desired hole by half the diameter of the tool, and then drag to a point on that circle.  In any case, a true circle needs an inside profile MOP afterwards as a finish pass.

To start the cutting, I needed a center through hole that I spiral milled.  I also exploded the spiral, deleted the non-cutting inner portion, and rejoined it.  Being able to specify an inner diameter or radius would save this work, although in reality I could have left that part in and wasted a few seconds cutting air.

I also erred in specifying a clockwise spiral, which results in conventional milling. However, rotating the spiral polyline 180 degrees around either the X or Y axis results in a CCW spiral.

All in all, very happy with the result.