Author Topic: [script] - open/closed polylines selector  (Read 3086 times)

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[script] - open/closed polylines selector
« on: March 22, 2015, 01:22:36 am »

A very small script I did just now for a French user. It allow to select polylines, depending if they are open or closed.

Select the drawing object, then run the script and choice an option. Other objects than polylines/polyrectangles are ignored.

Code: [Select]
' select open or closed polylines
' dh42 03/2015

sub main

'ask for open/closed

dim rep as string
dim p as polyline

rep = inputbox("1 - Select open polylines" & vbnewline & "2 - Select closed polylines",, 1)

if rep <> 1 and rep <> 2 then exit sub

dim newselection as ArrayList = new ArrayList()

if view.SelectedEntities.Length > 0 then

for each ent as Entity in view.SelectedEntities

if typeof ent is Polyline

p = ent

select case rep

case 1 'ouvertes

if p.closed = false then
end if

case 2 'fermées

if p.closed = true then
end if

end select

end if

next ent



end if

end sub