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Mach3 + laser Post Processor
« on: August 19, 2015, 16:58:14 pm »

Here is a post processor for mach3 and laser.

This PP uses the start cut and end cut properties to generate the start and stop commands for the laser.

The commands used are M11P1 to replace the M3 (start) and M10P1 to replace the M5 (stop)

Those commands are specific for the laser because they starts/stops the laser at the same time that the axis movement (X Y)

A M11P1 is generated in the Gcode when the Z axis goes bellow Z = 0, but this M11P1 don't start the laser, it only say that the laser must be started when X or Y axis start to move .

A M10P1 is generated when the Z axis go above Z=0


( Made using CamBam - )
( Sans titre 4/21/2013 3:05:19 PM )
G21 G90 G91.1 G64 G40
G0 Z5.0
( Gravure1 )
G0 X20.0 Y0.0
G1 F600.0 Z-1.0
G3 F800.0 X-10.0 Y17.3205 I-20.0 J0.0 (the laser start only when this line is executed)
G3 Y-17.3205 I10.0 J-17.3205
G3 X20.0 Y0.0 I10.0 J17.3205
G0 Z5.0

To use it in Cambam, you must use a Z move to start/stop the laser


Clearance plane = 0.01
Stock surface = 0
Target depth = -0.01

Note, for use with holding tabs, use the Skip Tab style.


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Re: Mach3 + laser Post Processor
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2019, 00:38:44 am »
I know this was posted may years a go, but I feel it should be updated. I'm using this PP successfully with my Endurance laser after editing it. My control software is Mach3 and in order to be able to use the PWM for controlling the laser power, M3 and M5 is necessary, without of M3 the laser cut at full power no matter what S### are used..

Here is snippet of Gcode used..

 N1 G20 G90 G91.1 G64 G40
N2 G0 Z0.001
( Engrave1 )
N3 G17
N4 M8  >vacuum on<
N5 M3 S15 > PWM on  15% Power<
N6 G0 X12.5881 Y1.4849
N7 G1 F20.0 Z-0.001
N8 M11P1 >laser on<
N9 G1 X12.4602 Y1.3571
N10 M10P1 > Laser Off<

Hopefully this help somebody..
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