Author Topic: GRBL v1.1 Machine Control and GCODE sender Plugin  (Read 67009 times)

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Re: GRBL v1.1 Machine Control and GCODE sender Plugin
« Reply #135 on: January 21, 2019, 22:09:05 pm »
Obviously all the drill cycles in that particular PP are only 'full plunge' cycles.

Unless your machine supports some sort of 'canned cycle drilling', the only way to do it would be to write a post-build processor that created a drilling sequence of short-depth 'full plunges', eventually resulting in the final depth.

But if your machine supports any sort of canned cycle (regardless of the code to do it), then we might be able to incorporate that in the main PP.  In any case, a PP coupled with a post-build processor behaves as if it were a simple PP... you get code that works, and the process is (or can be) completely 'transparent' to the user.

Tell us what the machine can do with respect to any canned cycles.  Please DO include examples from any programming manual you might have.

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