Author Topic: My VFD destroyed - this is the reason  (Read 2542 times)

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Re: My VFD destroyed - this is the reason
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2020, 21:20:50 pm »
Nice, that you were able to fix it. This is certainly way above my pay grade. ;) :D ;D ;D

After a couple decades as a communication contractor I'm not electrically illiterate, but you might be amazed how many things can be repaired if you take a look inside.  

I recall back in the dark ages of cordless tools I worked at Yuma Tool & Supply Co.  We often had people bring in failed Makita stick battery chargers which we dutifully shipped off to Makita for repair.  We then passed the shipping and repair charge off to the customer.  One day I opened one up and found a blown fuse.  That was it.  I did some experiments and found if you plugged a hot battery into the charger it would sometimes blow the fuse.  After that I continued to take in Makita chargers that quit working, and every one of them needed a new fuse.  I don't recall one that had any other problem.  I just told the customers to let the batteries cool down in the shade (not in a hot truck or in the sun) before recharging them after a hard fast discharge.  If they needed batteries faster than that they should buy more batteries.  

I repaired those chargers on a bench in the back of the store. 

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Re: My VFD destroyed - this is the reason
« Reply #16 on: February 12, 2020, 22:24:14 pm »
Amen, Bob!

MOST electronics failures end up being 'simple problems'.

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