Author Topic: Incorrect Soft Limit warning  (Read 1683 times)

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Re: Incorrect Soft Limit warning
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2021, 23:25:20 pm »
Hi there !!!

<off topic> nice to know that the french community is also helping in english!
<on topic>
I'm out of town for work, wife calls me: "there is a SoftLimit error", I get the file double triple check it, everything is fine, run it on CAMotics, fine.... so On my laptop I download mach3, a backup of the machine xml and it gives me the same error....
check on CamBam and Mach3 tool tables, tried the David @dh42 workaround, nothing...
I read this thread, and this one
The last post caught my attention "Well, I got the system working. [...] I changed a setting in Mach3, saved it, but reverted the setting back."
Oddly similar to the last post by "JG"...

So I go to "config"-->"general config"--> I check the first box under "G20/G21"-->"OK"-->"config"-->"Save settings"
     Closed Mach3  --> reopened mach3 --> same line as before but unchecked the box (to revert changes)
reloaded the same file (that was throwing me the SoftLimit Error) and nothing! it just worked! I want to stress that it was not a newly generated .nc file. it was the same file.

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Re: Incorrect Soft Limit warning
« Reply #31 on: March 27, 2021, 14:19:54 pm »

Yep, sometimes softlimits give a "false" error for an unknown reason.

My workaround if I get the error: after the 0 for XYZ are set, I click on the "regen toolpath" button to redraw the toolpath, then hit "Cycle Start" button again ; if softlimits warning go away, it is a "false" error, but if the error still appears it is a real error.

Also check if there is a G28 statement at the end of your GCode, if there is one (depending of the post pro), verify the return value set for softlimits in the Mach3 Homing/limits panel ; the problem can appears if the G28 send the axis to a wrong position.