Author Topic: Can CamBam create a toolpath for a parting tool on lathe?  (Read 3964 times)

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Re: Can CamBam create a toolpath for a parting tool on lathe?
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2021, 23:59:56 pm »
Hi GraphicMan

I've been using a cnc lathe (Artificial Intelligent tool changer but no bar feeder) for about 10 years
now,(the last three with the tool changer) I did look into CB for working with the lathe, and discovered
that it was not able to do any  of the normal operations usually associated with making a component.(even a fairly simple one)
So I had to look around for something else that would do the job.
I found two pieces of software that I've settled on.

1... Ezilathe  free from cnczone. 
You can do the cad work in CB and import it with Ezilathe or just draw it in Ezilathe

For simple (once jobs only) I just use the wizards in Mach3, threading,boring,facing and for parting off I use the OD groove wizard.
For little more complex work Ezilathe, and for the most complex (involving many tool changes) I use fusion.


tell them!
hello lloyd? so i am still wrong? we are all wrong ? i even asked a close american friend of 50+ experience he told me it does not work!

thank you v much Dave i will defiantly check Ezilathe 

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Re: Can CamBam create a toolpath for a parting tool on lathe?
« Reply #31 on: August 19, 2022, 14:14:12 pm »
Even without CamBam, just using a manual lathe, it is highly unlikely that anyone would choose to machine your part with a 2mm wide square parting tool.
CamBam uses the equivalent of a ball nose tool in standard cnc mode.

It may be possible to specify a tool radius of zero, give it a try and see what the toolpaths look like.

Well..I do.. not with a 2mm wide parting tool, but with a 1 mm parting/grooving tool.

I got a request from a fellow watchmaker to make him some hubs for watchhands, and since everything has to be "Sharp" i need to machine this with a zero radius tool, furthermore, i have to part it off as wel.. why not do that with one and the same tool?, since that saves time for toolchanges.

If you look on YouTube, there are plenty examples of profiling with parting tools..

The Part i have to make is a sort of "Cap" that sits on the minute hand pipe, (0.7 mm diameter), and "Caps off" the secondshand spindle, since that watch will not have a secondshand., total thichkness of the part is 0.9 mm, there is a blind hole in the center, 0.8 mm deep, total diameter is 2.7 mm, , all corners are rounded R0.1, such a part with a grooving tool?. why not?..

I see that CamBam can't work with Parting tools.. I feel the need for an Upgrade...