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Newbie need help. Bitmap Problems
« on: June 16, 2021, 03:25:49 am »
Shark navigator lift-away vs. Shark apex upright vacuums similar design, but any difference?

Among hundreds of Shark products, Shark apex uplight review are one of the latest series, while Shark navigator lift away upright vacuums are older models. These machines have nearly the same design, but what are the differences between them? This post will provide you with details.


As mentioned, the designs of both kinds are similar. They have nearly equal height, width, and a traditional design with a large canister located right above the cleaning head. However, compared to Shark lift away vacuums, Shark Apex upright vacuums are considerably heavier (about 17lbs vs. 13lbs).

Both kinds are outfitted with a power cord of 25 to 30 ft. However, on average, Shark Apex vacuums have more extended cleaning nozzles than Shark navigators (about 4.5ft. vs. 3.5ft.).

These vacuums use no bags and have large dust cups, but the navigator canister is just about two-thirds as much as the Apex one.


Both Shark Apex and Shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaners are equipped with Shark%u2019s particular features.

First, they both have lift-away technology. By pressing the lift-away button on the body, users will detach the canister connected with the power cord and the cleaning hose. Then, they can use that hose or attach one of the accessories for different purposes to form a handheld device. This pod helps them vacuum complex or high places such as the bookshelf or inside the car that the whole machine cannot approach. However, the lift-away pods of Shark navigator lift upright vacuums are slightly lighter (about 3lbs compared to 3.5lbs).

The second feature they have in common is the filtration system. Like other Shark vacuums, both kinds are equipped with a HEPA filter and the Anti-allergen complete seal technology that help them to obtain up to 99.9% dirt and debris in the environment without any bounce back.

As one of the new series, Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuums are equipped with duoclean technology, which is not present in Shark navigator lift-away models. Vacuum cleaners having this feature come with dual brushes in the cleaning head, enabling them to vacuum in a wide range.


Both kinds of vacuums have primary cleaning tools, including a brush roll, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool. However, Shark navigator lift away bagless upright vacuum cleaners come with other useful tools such as soft-bristle and hard-bristle tools, a pet power brush, and an extension wand. At the same time, the Apex machines have only an additional turbo brush. They don%u2019t have specific tools for pets like the navigators, but their brushes can untangle wrapped hair and avoid stagnation in the head part. On the other hand, while using the Shark navigator lift away vacuums, users may spend time taking the hair out of the brushes.


These Shark vacuums have powerful motors that provide enough suction power for different cleaning tasks, from regular to deep clean. However, compared to Apex models, Shark navigator lift away lightweight machines are more effective on carpets, while tests on bare floors of these kinds show the same outstanding result.


Many may choose Shark Apex vacuums as they are new models with more modern features, but Shark apex uplight corded lift away upright devices are ideal choices if you don%u2019t want to use heavy vacuums and your floors are carpeted.
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Re: Newbie need help. Bitmap Problems
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Have a read here; , but you may have already seen it. ;)

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