Author Topic: Ruining a part in an optimised manner (rant)  (Read 303 times)

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Ruining a part in an optimised manner (rant)
« on: September 13, 2021, 14:04:49 pm »
Dear Mr. Payne,
if you happen to read the forum please, do something about 'Optimisation'.

I just had a part ruined due to erroneous tangent lead-in move. On the final finishing pass after an hour of milling.
All because it seems the highest priority of CB is to make the shortest rapid instead of doing a MOP in an uniform and predictable way.
There are two identical parts milled out from a single block of aluminum stock.
I've set the lead-in for the finishing pass to 'Tangent' to minimize tool marks on the surface. Each geometry shape's starting point set identically.
First part (the lower on the picture) finished as expected. Only to be ruined by the tool plunging into its upper left corner for the start of the upper part's pass. Because CB did not respect the starting point and tried to spare about 80 mm of rapid movement.
- If I assign a separate MOP for each part the tool path is correct.
- If I swap the drawing objects order, starting with the upper first, the tool path is correct.
- If I turn optimisation completely off the tool paths are correct.

I understand it's my fault formally for not noticing the wrong lead-in on time. I know there are some bugs and shortcomings in the current CB version.

But IMHO it is absolutely unacceptable to plunge the tool into the area that designates a part.

Same notes apply to pocketing. 'Depth first' does not work with optimisation 0.9.8 and each level starts at different spot. 0.9.7 behaves much better and in a predictable way.

Despite my current state of frustration I'd like to stress that CamBam is a very good and useful product. Offering a lot of flexibility to the user.
What troubles me is the lack of bug and other problems removal updates.