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Payment on your Shop
« on: February 23, 2010, 21:39:34 pm »
First, very nice piece of software, right what I was looking after. Simple to use.
Many big programs can do a lot more, but I am a hobbist and sometimes i have a break of month
using my cam-software and then use hours to learn it again. I don't have that problem with CamBam,
simple and straight.
As I like Cambam i wont to buy it on your shop. BUT how to pay?
Ok, at the end of the order it shows that I can use Paypal. But do you go into a shop, pickup things without to check that you have money in your pocket?
Special if the shop is in another country ( I life in Germany).
Or am I just to stupid to search?
No hints under Terms of Conditions. How about to put this PayPal icon on your shop page.
Personally i found a messages of peoble having trouble with paypal here in the forum and i think --yes, the accept paypal -- and I ordered Camview and Cutviewer this evening and already get my Cambam key.

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